Galerie Alain Grandne
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Cupidon ยง Psyche circa1720
French school early eighteenth

Cupid and Psyche to 1700/1720

Oil on Canvas remounted in the nineteenth century

Size of canvas: 25 x 34 cm / 10" x 13.6"

The frame is a suggested frame. It is not sold with the painting.

Cupid and Psyche ...

Cupid is charged by Venus, jealous of Psyche's beauty, to make love with the girl's death as despicable. But he himself falls in love with Psyche. He moved to live with him in his castle. He joined the night, asking him to never seek to know his identity. Influenced by his sisters, but especially piqued by curiosity, Psyche took advantage of his sleeping lover to light a lamp, he wakes up and runs away. She will manage to find the price of all kinds of tests during which several gods are helping him. Following this, they get married