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J.J Vaudechamp(1790-1866)Portrait of Baroness Deconchy
Joseph Jean Vaudechamp (1790-1866)

Excellent Portrait of Painter French, pupil of Anne-Louis Girodet Trioson, he went to a fortune in New Orleans in 1831 where he painted the most illustrious personages of the city. His paintings are very popular in France and Louisiana.

Portrait of Baroness Deconchy and his son or his secretary

Baroness Deconchy is the wife of General Vincent Martel Deconchy Empire (1768-1823), killed in Pamplona during the Franco-Spanish...This painting is a document history as can be seen in the hands of one Secretary Courier Empire preventing Baroness Deconchy the Death of her Husband at the battle of Berrioplano.

Oil on Canvas and its original frame signed on the chair or secretary's son and dated 1823

Presented in a wooden frame and stucco of the Golden era

Canvas Dimensions: 28" x 23" + Framework

Price: SOLD